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Surrender a Pet

Surrendering is on an approval basis, please fill out the surrendering application. All surrendered pets MUST come cage, food and other supplies purchased with the pet. A fee will also be applied to help care for the animal, amounts vary based on type. Wellness checks are now required prior to accepting a surrendered pet.

We value our care and time spent in fostering our rescued pets. All surrender requests are responded to within 1-2 hours of receiving application. Our volunteers spend hours arranging with foster homes that can accommodate the pets families wish to surrender.

Unfortunately in the future we will require ALL surrenders have wellness checks prior to accepting a surrendered pet.

Please considerate when moving that you check with your new resident that they accept all types of animals not just dogs & cats. A pet is a family member and does not wish to be left behind. Please think of contacting us last if you feel that the requirements and time we take to accommodate your pet into the rescue.

We are having constant issues with surrender applicants give their pets up to other rescues or stating they already "Got Rid" of the pet after contacting us. This sadly wastes our valuable time to care for and re-home the current rabbits and small animals in our foster homes.

If this continues we may have to CLOSE our surrender program permanently.

Kill shelters may continue to contact us for help.

At RASA we do not have a physical facility where we keep our rescues. We have an amazing group of dedicated volunteers and fosters. All of our rescues are placed in caring foster homes to give them their best chance at rehabilitation and in most cases the only exposure they have had to a loving atmosphere.

We are also a true NO KILL rescue. What this means that unless an animal is in severe pain and there is nothing more the vet can do we treat that animal, no matter the cost or challenge this poses.

It is so incredibly sad how many surrender applications we receive on a daily basis. Although we wish we could take every animal and provide it with a safe and loving environment that is just not possible. In addition to having their own pets, families and full time jobs, our devoted fosters have gone above and beyond taking in and doing more than they originally intended because the need is so great.

If you are considering surrendering your animal PLEASE RECONSIDER. There are so many small animals in the rescues and the adoptions have been few. If you think you do not spend enough time with your animal think about it spending its days with strangers in a cold atmosphere while the clock is ticking on how long that rescue can keep them. Think about the commitment you made when you chose that little furry friend and what it will be like for them to no longer see your face, the only face they know. Even the best shelter is not a replacement for a real home!!!

What we can do:

  • Put a curtesy post on Pet Finder. Under our rescue’s page we will put an ad for your animal and assist you in screening applicants for your pet
  • Notify other agencies and rescues within our network that you have an animal in need
  • Do all we can to help you keep your pet (depending on the situation), this includes helping with vet needs, supplies, housing and education on the care of the animal.



Because all of our animals are "prey" animals, we do not take in any predatory animals such as dogs, cats, snakes, etc. Taking in new and strange predators would upset all of the prey animals in our care. Please do not ask us to take dogs, cats, snakes, or other predatory animals.